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26th July 2030

3:03am: RP Experience

Current Characters )

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17th June 2030

9:28pm: Muse List
Muse List )
Some of these are probably unlikely because the stronger muse will likely win a choice between two or three - Molly, Edmund, and Anthony, for example.

And Peter Pettigrew should probably be on a retired list, at least for the canon version.

6th March 2021

5:22pm: Following suit
Pick a character or specific pairing/friendship and I will give you 3 headcanons about them.

2nd July 2020

9:19am: Cornerstones: Dragon Age Fic
Eventually, I expect to have at least one scene for each companion. This playthrough isn't actually finished, and has taken some turns I hadn't expected. This particular romance was not planned by me or Duran, for one example, and this is partly an exploration of why he makes those choices. With my brain mostly mush lately, I've taken my writing inspiration where I can get it. Also, Duran named his dog 'Victory' in dwarvish.

Cornerstones: Part One
Who: Duran Aeducan, Morrigan, Alistair, Leliana
What: Discussions (or lack thereof) of family, friendship, loyalty, and love
When: Missing Moments from Dragon Age: Origins.
Where: Around and about Ferelden.
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to violence, death, and betrayal. Complicated family dynamics. Spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins, and particularly the Dwarf Noble Origin.

Everyone is up to something. That's the first thing you learn in Orzammar. Or the last. )

29th February 2020

1:11pm: Revolt Requests
Since I have pretty roster pages now, I decided to make a requests post to go along with them. The castmate contact (along with a list of unwanted and deceased characters) for [info]revoltmods can be found here and the general wanted page is here.

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20th February 2020

7:20pm: [info]soulboundmods Character List
Soul Bound Characters )
5:36pm: [info]revoltmods Character List
Revolt Characters )

27th December 2019

1:03pm: Meme
I am slowly working my way through these, but I have some still unclaimed, if anyone wants drabbles.

24th December 2019

1:43pm: I got my Secret Santa gift today, and it was awesome, so thank you!

8th December 2019

8:43am: Discord is down again.

28th November 2019

9:33pm: Okay
It's been years since I did either of these memes.

  • Fives
    Pick a character (and game, if applicable). I will tell you: 5 people they would trust with their life, 5 people they'd throw to the wolves and 5 people they'd have a one night stand with.
  • Drabbles
    Pick a pairing or group of characters (romantic, friendly, family, anything) that includes mine and yours or someone else's if you really want), and one of the following prompts. I will write something for them.
      1. never really existed ‐ Luther and Allison Hargreeves
      2. to run great risk - Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton
      3. misnomer - Susan and Edmund
      4. for what it's worth - Neria Surana and Cullen Rutherford
      5. that's what almost happened - Julia Wicker and Mordecai Roberts
      5. that's what almost happened - Mara Jade and Mordecai Roberts
      6. raspberries - Peter Pevensie and Mia Rinaldi
      7. family history - Bella Hartley and Raksha Keller
      8. folly
      9. pining for normalcy - Alicia Spinnet and Mordecai Roberts
      10. the same experience for you - Mason Ashford and Eddie Castile
      11. some people stay - Miss Rosalie and Mordecai Roberts
      12. severe repercussions - Tahiri Veila and Dash Parr
      12. severe repercussions - Fabian Prewett and Molly Weasley (and Gideon Prewett)
      13. diagnosis - Emilia Spinnet and Josh Summers

Prompts from here.

ETA: These are getting me through the insanity that is Christmas at the post office, so feel free to be greedy. I will add another list if I fill up. Also, I will hit second requests after I've gone through firsts.

26th November 2019

11:51am: Fandom Rambles
Stolen from [info]ceruleandreamer

I know I missed some major ones, especially on the ships, but I still love them!

lots of rambles )

24th November 2019

1:25pm: Headcanons are my favorite
Stolen from [info]nebari

Pick a character from my past or current games (Older are fair game, but might take longer). I will answer:

What they smell like:
How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):
What music they enjoy:
How much time they spend getting ready every morning:
Their favorite thing to collect:
Left or right-handed:
Religion (if any):
Favorite sport:
Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):
Favorite kind of weather:
A weird/obscure fear they have:
The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

29th October 2019

11:20pm: Oh, Atlantis
It's a bandwagon, and they are my babies. I started at [info]saveatlantis at game open, and took a four month break for various reasons in the middle. I needed to do it, but I regret the time I missed there in the middle. I picked up and dropped others along the way, but these are the kids who made it to the end, some expected and some unexpected.

the graphic Maxi made )

20th October 2019

1:14pm: Reasonable Expectation: Narnia Fic
Here ends the previously posted portions of this story, although there is quite a bit more than I had written before. The first section of this takes place simultaneously with the Susan Interlude I posted. Chapter Four will be back to Peter.

Reasonable Expectation: Chapter Three
Who: Edmund Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Thornbut, Mr. Beaver
What: Sibling bonding, bickering, and revelations. The Just, the Gentle, the Valiant, and the Magnificent (in the making, at least).
When: early Gathering (late October), NT 1000
Where: Cair Paravel
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to violence and character death.

Is it still there? )

14th October 2019

2:26pm: I finally got my phone replaced!

27th August 2019

10:56pm: Meme
I'm hoping to jumpstart my inspiration with this.

1. HYPOTHETICALS: Pose a hypothetical question about one of my characters (past/present) and I will babble on about what that would have been like.

2. PROPOSALS: Give me one of your characters, and one of mine, and I'll tell you how mine would propose, and when, and why, in this AU universe where they would propose.

3. AGES: Give me a character and a number that's smaller than their age and I'll give you a corresponding headcanon! Basically my idea of what they were like at that age.

25th July 2019

10:50am: Fandoms Meme
Now that I'm feeling better, I'm stealing this:

Favorite Characters & Favorite Episodes/Books/Movies/Video Games/Whatever

1. Of the below fandoms (or any I forgot that you remember I know), guess my top two favorites from each.

• Discworld
• Valdemar
• Deryni
• Star Trek
• Riddlemaster series
• Newsies
• Night World
• Vampire Academy
• Chronicles of Narnia
• Chrestomanci Chronicles
• Babylon 5
• Disney
• Star Wars
• Tolkien
• Insert Fandom Here that you know and I didn't list...

2. From the same list, ask what episode/movie/book is my favorite, and I'll tell you. If there is an extensive list, I'll tell you my favorite from each season .

3. And ask me my favorite/least favorite (you fill in the blank) of any of them. Ships, or storyline, character arc, villain, anything. You pick, I choose.

I reserve the right to be as brief or as rambling as the urge strikes me.

5th July 2019

8:04pm: So, I accidentally deleted about seven years worth of emails tonight. If you have sent me anything that I still owe an answer to... I don't have it.

3rd July 2019

11:26am: Sigh.
I updated my muse list. I have a problem.

26th June 2019

10:35am: Tentative
Monday - Dancing with my kids to the Darkwing Duck theme song makes me happy. (Spending half the night sick with a stomach bug is less fun, but at least we got some time.)

Tuesday - I thought my medication problem was resolved, but apparently not. I am still massively behind on tagging everywhere, but I made some progress.

Wednesday - I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but there's a duplex for only fifty dollars more a month than our current apartment, so the move might work out after all. (I love our landlords/neighbors, but we really need a larger place).

24th June 2019

10:58pm: Sample
Hazel Levesque Third Person Sample )

10th June 2019

3:31pm: Hmm
Linking here for no particular reason.

9th June 2019

9:37pm: Positivity Week Two
9 June - I worked on Reasonable Expectation today, and this video made me happy. The poor sloth.

10 June - Today began with a trip to the ER for my husband, but it was a dislocation not a break. I had time with my family, worked on a couple of applications and posted a log.

11 June - Russell Stover makes these, and I have one.

12 June - I got an eight hour day today for the first time in a long while.

13 June - Gluten free cookies and cream milkshakes!

14 June - I saw my daughter's play before she completely lost her voice.

15 June - But there is a vintage/used toy store where my husband and I can shop for our daughter's sixth birthday, and my daughter can get her dad Star Wars collectibles for Father's Day.

5th June 2019

11:16am: Positive
Working on this. I'm going to try to post once a week and edit each day, so that I have something good to remember, but don't spam f-lists.

Week One )
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