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26th July 2020

3:03am: RP Experience

Current Characters )

Former Characters )

17th June 2020

9:28pm: Muse List
Muse List )
Some of these are probably unlikely because the stronger muse will likely win a choice between two or three - Molly, Edmund, and Anthony, for example.

And Peter Pettigrew should probably be on a retired list, at least for the canon version.

29th October 2019

11:20pm: Oh, Atlantis
It's a bandwagon, and they are my babies. I started at [info]saveatlantis at game open, and took a four month break for various reasons in the middle. I needed to do it, but I regret the time I missed there in the middle. I picked up and dropped others along the way, but these are the kids who made it to the end, some expected and some unexpected.

the graphic Maxi made )

20th October 2019

1:14pm: Reasonable Expectation: Narnia Fic
Here ends the previously posted portions of this story, although there is quite a bit more than I had written before. The first section of this takes place simultaneously with the Susan Interlude I posted. Chapter Four will be back to Peter.

Reasonable Expectation: Chapter Three
Who: Edmund Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Thornbut, Mr. Beaver
What: Sibling bonding, bickering, and revelations. The Just, the Gentle, the Valiant, and the Magnificent (in the making, at least).
When: early Gathering (late October), NT 1000
Where: Cair Paravel
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to violence and character death.

Is it still there? )

14th October 2019

2:26pm: I finally got my phone replaced!

27th August 2019

10:56pm: Meme
I'm hoping to jumpstart my inspiration with this.

1. HYPOTHETICALS: Pose a hypothetical question about one of my characters (past/present) and I will babble on about what that would have been like.

2. PROPOSALS: Give me one of your characters, and one of mine, and I'll tell you how mine would propose, and when, and why, in this AU universe where they would propose.

3. AGES: Give me a character and a number that's smaller than their age and I'll give you a corresponding headcanon! Basically my idea of what they were like at that age.

25th July 2019

10:50am: Fandoms Meme
Now that I'm feeling better, I'm stealing this:

Favorite Characters & Favorite Episodes/Books/Movies/Video Games/Whatever

1. Of the below fandoms (or any I forgot that you remember I know), guess my top two favorites from each.

• Discworld
• Valdemar
• Deryni
• Star Trek
• Riddlemaster series
• Newsies
• Night World
• Vampire Academy
• Chronicles of Narnia
• Chrestomanci Chronicles
• Babylon 5
• Disney
• Star Wars
• Tolkien
• Insert Fandom Here that you know and I didn't list...

2. From the same list, ask what episode/movie/book is my favorite, and I'll tell you. If there is an extensive list, I'll tell you my favorite from each season .

3. And ask me my favorite/least favorite (you fill in the blank) of any of them. Ships, or storyline, character arc, villain, anything. You pick, I choose.

I reserve the right to be as brief or as rambling as the urge strikes me.

5th July 2019

8:04pm: So, I accidentally deleted about seven years worth of emails tonight. If you have sent me anything that I still owe an answer to... I don't have it.

3rd July 2019

11:26am: Sigh.
I updated my muse list. I have a problem.

26th June 2019

10:35am: Tentative
Monday - Dancing with my kids to the Darkwing Duck theme song makes me happy. (Spending half the night sick with a stomach bug is less fun, but at least we got some time.)

Tuesday - I thought my medication problem was resolved, but apparently not. I am still massively behind on tagging everywhere, but I made some progress.

Wednesday - I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but there's a duplex for only fifty dollars more a month than our current apartment, so the move might work out after all. (I love our landlords/neighbors, but we really need a larger place).

24th June 2019

10:58pm: Sample
Hazel Levesque Third Person Sample )

10th June 2019

3:31pm: Hmm
Linking here for no particular reason.

9th June 2019

9:37pm: Positivity Week Two
9 June - I worked on Reasonable Expectation today, and this video made me happy. The poor sloth.

10 June - Today began with a trip to the ER for my husband, but it was a dislocation not a break. I had time with my family, worked on a couple of applications and posted a log.

11 June - Russell Stover makes these, and I have one.

12 June - I got an eight hour day today for the first time in a long while.

13 June - Gluten free cookies and cream milkshakes!

14 June - I saw my daughter's play before she completely lost her voice.

15 June - But there is a vintage/used toy store where my husband and I can shop for our daughter's sixth birthday, and my daughter can get her dad Star Wars collectibles for Father's Day.

5th June 2019

11:16am: Positive
Working on this. I'm going to try to post once a week and edit each day, so that I have something good to remember, but don't spam f-lists.

Week One )

9th May 2019

11:21pm: Meme
I'm probably not doing these tonight, but stolen from [info]pitterpat by request.

MEME #1: Give me a character of mine and a character of yours, and I'll give you three reasons why they should be together.

MEME #2: Shoot me a pairing (one of your characters and mine) and I'll write a flash fiction of 250 words or less, no matter if the pairing's crack or canon. (Let's be real, length will vary because it's me.)
6:00pm: Avengers Drabble
Not done yet. I am in a mood. Bigger spoilers than the last which might have been guessed from the trailers and promotional material.

Endgame Spoilers )
11:06am: Avengers Fic
I saw Endgame. Fic is how I cope.

Endgame Spoilers, other warnings under cut )

14th April 2019

5:01pm: Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dream: Chrestomanci Fic
I didn't initially plan to make this more than a one shot, but...

Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dream: Day Two
Who: Mordecai Roberts, Gabriel deWitt, Frederick Parkinson
What: It's all over except for the part where it's just beginning. Mordecai makes his apologies.
When: Directly following The Lives of Christopher Chant
Where: Chrestomanci Castle
Warnings: Spoilers, angst

They ought to have been better friends )
12:47pm: Reasonable Expectation: Narnia Fic
This is an interlude rather than a full chapter, but I had Susan on my mind. She insisted on having her moment before I returned to Edmund's point of view. This follows directly after chapter two. Felix also appears in Damascus Road, as one of the group that rescued Edmund from the Witch's camp.

Reasonable Expectation: Interlude
Who: Susan Pevensie
What: "Nothing is so strong as gentleness."
When: early Gathering (late October), NT 1000
Where: Cair Paravel
Rating: G
Warnings: Somewhat plotless.

Susan is fussing again )

14th February 2019

7:54am: Relationship Meme
My entire family currently has the flu, so I might be slow with this, but I like this meme. Stolen from [info]lahiri:

Name a character of mine and one of yours and I will tell you about their relationship from my character's perspective. I'll tell you what my character really thinks of yours, what they could never bring themselves to say, etc.

8th February 2019

10:36am: Warning: Teal Deer
I received a review for "Paper Lanterns" that got me thinking about that story, my Chrestomanci fic, and Mordecai generally. I haven't rambled in a while so here goes.

Mordecai and agency )

I just had thoughts.

6th February 2019

11:40am: Paper Lanterns: Part Three
Conclusion. Part One.
Part Two.

Paper Lanterns Part 3/3: Chrestomanci Fic
Who: Miss Rosalie, Flavian Temple, Mordecai Roberts, a few OCs
What: Falling action. The prompt picture actually comes into play.
When: pre-series (by about five years)
Where: The Howe Estate, and Chrestomanci Castle.
Warnings: Minor spoilers (inasmuch as Mordecai tends to constitute a Walking Spoiler for The Lives of Christopher Chant, but fewer than most of my Mordecai fic), UST, irony and some unintended hypocrisy.

Are we free to leave now? )
11:30am: Paper Lanterns: Part Two
I finally finished this prompt fic. Part one is here.

Paper Lanterns Part 2/3: Chrestomanci Fic
Who: Miss Rosalie, Flavian Temple, Mordecai Roberts, a few OCs
What: Going undercover at an old flame's wedding is a brilliant idea, i.e. Mordecai is oblivious in more than one way.
When: pre-series (by about five years)
Where: The Howe Estate.
Warnings: Minor spoilers (inasmuch as Mordecai tends to constitute a Walking Spoiler for The Lives of Christopher Chant, but fewer than most of my Mordecai fic), UST

I never thought I'd see it. )

25th December 2018

2:47pm: Random Couples Meme
Okay, give me suggestions!
Name one of your characters and one of mine. I'll use random.org to rate the likelihood on a scale of 1 (lol no) to 10 (it's happenin') that my character would fall in love with your character. Then, I'll try to explain the rating.

2nd December 2018

10:43pm: Reasonable Expectation: Narnia Fic
So Chapter Three is supposed to be back to Edmund's point of view, but it might end up being Susan. >.> I blame [info]septimussmith. I have posted some of this before, but most of it is new. Once I get past Edmund's next chapter, it will be all new. Thornbut's backstory comes from meldahlie's "This Is No Thaw." Emrys's is a mixture of C.S. Lewis's notes and my own extrapolation as I wondered what happened to the barely-mentioned stone dragon in the White Witch's house. I have every intention of writing about the history of Delver's Hollow and the Sweetclaw Clan one day. I am way too attached to Ursula and her family.

Reasonable Expectation: Chapter Two
Who: Edmund Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Susan Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Thornbut, various OCs and semi-canon characters
What: The aftermath of the battle with the werewolves.
When: mid-Leafgold (around October), NT 1000
Where: Cair Paravel and Northern Narnia.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some fantasy violence.

I'm not his hero )
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